After being hired by ABC (USA) to scout for new talent for the 2015 series of USA’s Dancing with the Stars¬†Jessica was honoured, thrilled and beyond excited to spend two days at the Blackpool Dance Festival – the World Championships in Ballroom and Latin dancing and it was without a doubt one of the best things she’d ever done.

Watching the Amateur Latin and Professional Ballroom Championships FRONT ROW (which is basically like FROW at Paris Fashion Week, the Royal Box at Wimbledon or those seats right in front of the steps at the Oscars which means you’re definitely winning and award, if you get what we’re saying) with the most incredible dancing you’ve ever seen in your life, full of unbelievable energy, passion and total love was awe-inspiring and giddy-making. Truly. It epitomises everything we believe in and we loved every second of it.¬†


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