BANG TALENT books celebrities for the UK’s best loved TV shows, brands, events, and more. Booking talent is what we do best. Whatever your project, we offer a personal service, working with you and your team to find the best talent in town to put your project on the map and have everyone talking about it for all the right reasons.

As an agency, we have an instinctive way of knowing exactly who and what is right for your project, and have the connections to make it happen. This allows us to deliver high-end service every time. We can collaborate with your team or go it alone. Either way, we’ll get results.


Over the last 15 years we’ve learnt a lot about what makes somebody bookable, whether that’s as a guest on a TV or radio show, or a lead speaker at an industry event. If you’re an agent or agency wondering how to get your clients booked, or a celebrity, high-profile entrepreneur or budding blogger wanting to take things to the next level and get more exposure, or just starting out and looking to make your big break in the media, then check out our consultancy service and book in for a Banging Brainstorm session – we LOVE to chat! We’ll get you thinking outside the box to help you make that Bang.


We work closely with you to create the perfect blueprint for your project. We dive deeply into the details and together we draw up lists of celebrities or experts we think are perfectly aligned then hit hard as we make it all come alive.  We work out of house, but you get the full in house experience. And we don’t stop once we’ve booked the talent – BANG TALENT handles all the negotiations, keeping you in the loop as we secure your talent and can assist with travel plans, contracts, and ideas for creative content. 





Whilst we don’t actively manage talent, we love nothing more than talented people and each year look to work closely with a very select few to help get them noticed in the media.

If we feel as passionately about your work as you do, then we are off to a good start. We will support you and your media career in every way we can, including securing TV & radio appearances, speaking events, online activity, brand endorsements as well as connecting you to book agents and securing publishing deals. We have a proven track record and will work closely with you to ensure you stand out as the one everybody wants. 

We love talent, especially experts and those in the wellness world but will help anyone we love to become a star.


Don’t see the service you are looking for?

We get that even in a showbizzy world, noone likes a show off, so say hello and we’ll tell you what else we can do.